Why Kittens Are Awesome

We can assume some people don’t like cats, but I think it’s save to say that anybody can appreciate a kitten. What can you not like about a kitten? Owning a kitten will decrease your stress level drastically! Kittens are love.

10 reasons why kittens/cats are awesome

  1. They don’t need exercise: You don’t need to take your cat on a walk. All they need is: eat, sleep and repeat. Not everybody has time to take there pet out.
  2. Cats rule over dogs in America: About 95.6 million cat’s are owned in America at the moment while 83.3 million households have a dog
  3. They are clean: Cats clean them self regularly, and almost never need a bath. They don’t smell bad – After you cuddled with your cat you don’t have the feeling of having to wash your hands.
  4. Cats are funny: Cats are extremely funny! Everybody knows the videos on Youtube of cat’s behaving hilariously. The internet of today is based on cat videos
  5. They are independent: Cats can be left alone for awhile without the consequence of your entire house being teared up. You can easily leave for work without having to look around.
  6. Toe beans: Have you ever seen the toes of a kitten or cat? They are sooo adorable, you just need to touch them.
  7. Soft and furry: They are so soft and furry, cuddling with a cat can easily be one of the best thing in the world. Petting a cat is like petting a soft summer cloud.
  8. Napping: Cat’s sleep between 12-16 hour, and they don’t like to do it alone. Get a good snooze together!
  9. Laser Chasing: What can be more cuter that a kitten chasing around the laser dot? Nothing at all!
  10. Kittens are just awesome!