Introduce a kitten to another cat

When you are planning to introduce a kitten to your household, the first impression is really important. First impressions can help benefit the kitten, your current cat and yourself.

Cats are very territorial animals, They will leave there scent everywhere. They can read these marked areas and tell if other cats where there and even which cat. Territory’s can be used at different times by different cats. To get your cat used to the idea of sharing it’s home with another cat, a good first introduction is needed.

Time and patience

Cute kitten askingTime and patience is needed to successfully introduce a new kitten into your home. Your new kitten should have it’s own room for the first few days in it’s new house. Switch the new kitten’s bedding with that of your current cat so it will become acquainted with the smell of the new kitten in the house before it has actually seen it. When your cat is relaxed with the smell, put the door of the room where your new kitten is staying on a little crack. Just enough so they can see each other but can’t push the door open. Give them both treats.

When both the kitten and the cat are calm with the presence of each other, it’s time to let them into the same room. Most of the times cats will accept kittens, over older cats. So try to get your new kitten in the house before it’s older then four months.

quietly and calmly

Introduce a kittenSpeak quietly and calmly to both your cat and kitten during there introduction. Give them treats when the are tolerant of each other. Do not use harsh tones when they are together. They will associate unpleasantness being near each other. You should give your current cat special attention as it’s his/her territory that is being invaded. Don’t give the kitten a lot of attention when your cat is around, until they like each other. If for some reason the cat becomes hostile, return the kitten to it’s room, and restart the process. We don’t want to rush it: time and patience.

Avoid an aggressive encounter

A little setback will not ruin the friendship, but cats remember a lot. A fight between them should be avoided at all costs. If you think a fight is going to happen, immediately go back to the previous step in the process. You can’t determine the speed of the introduction, but it will be rewarded with the rest of there lives if you take it slow.