10 cute kittens to make your day better

Here are 10 cute kittens to make your day a lot better!

1. Best sleeping spot for a kitten

This kitten has found the best sleeping spot! I wish I could have a nap like him.

Kitten sleeping on legs

2. This kitten has found Bambi

Bambi has walked into the house, and is now chilling with Floki the kitten.

Cute kitten with Bambi

3. Dog helps out cleaning the kitten

When momma cat is not around, the dog of the house helps out.

Cute kitten licked by dog

4. Kittens gets a bowl of milk

This kitten has the time of his life when he gets served a bowl of milk.

Cute kitten with bowl of milk

5. Cute kittens get scared by mom

Mom is having a bad day… She made the wrong decision, and scared her siblings.

Cute kittens scared by mom cat

6. Kitten scares dog

But a kitten can also scare the big dog of the house! Who’s the boss now?

Cute kitten scares big dog

7. Kitten and dog sleeping together

They can also sleep and be happy together!

Kitten and dog sleeping together

8. Momma cat and kitten sleeping together

This kitten is getting crushed by his momma but it’s so cute.

Cat and kitten sleeping together

9. Can’t touch this kitten

He doesn’t wanna get touched, but it’s human keeps trying…

Cute kitten doesn't wanna get touched

10. Dog doesn’t wanna play with kitten

This dog is tired of the kitten, but that doesn’t matter.

Cat wants to play, dog doesn't