What do kittens eat?

Feeding a kitten is probably the most important thing to make sure your kitten grows into a healthy cat. But what do kittens eat? If you just got a kitten you want to ensure that it grows into a healthy adult. The first thing to consider is choosing the correct food for your kitten. After four weeks of mother milk, the kitten will transition to kitten food. Let’s talk about the best feeding schedule and what to feed him or her.

What to feed a kitten?

What do kittens eat?The weight of a kitten can triple in it’s first few weeks of his life. To support this fast growth, it needs proper feeding. The nutritional needs of a kitten are different than a mature cat.The energy needed for this fast growth doesn’t come from normal cat food. Only feed a kitten food that is made specifically for kittens. Pet food labels are required to put statements identifying the the age of the pet for which the food is intended so choose the correct food with intention for growth.

You can either choose between canned or dry food. Kittens  do well eating either of these. Dry food is much more convenient as it can be left in the feeding bowl without is spoiling and most of the time has more healthy ingredients. The canned food has a lot more moisture in it which is useful for keeping the kitten hydrated. You can also soften the dry food with warm water.

Your kitten will gain more weight on dry food as is contains more carbohydrate than canned food. This will only happen if you’ll let your kitten overeat. Obesity is a common disease seen with cats. To keep your kitten and later to be cat lean, it’s important to keep them on a correct diet.

Do you already know what kind of milk your kitten can drink? Some people think regular milk is good for kittens, but is this really true? Read more about this on our myths and facts page.

Human food

Kittens are able to eat meat that is intended for people but you need to watch out with junk food. Potato chips or even vegetables should be avoided since they contain cellulose. Kittens should not eat raw meet since they are still developing. There are veterinarians that agree that a raw meet diet can be healthy, but only for a cat that has grown up.

Kitten feeding schedule

A kitten should eat 3 times a day. A lot of people simply fill a bowl with food for the entire day, but this can cause them to overeat. When you establish a feeding schedule for your kitten to control it’s diet, it’s a lot easier to control it’s weight.

There are always feeding guidelines on the food packages that tell you how much your kitten needs in a day. Split this amount into 1/3 and give each part in the morning, afternoon and evening. If you see that your kitten is gaining a lot of weight, reduce the amount of food you give each day. The same counts for when your kitten seems to be getting thinner.