Facts about kittens

facts about kittensKittens are very unique. There are many facts about kittens that a lot of people are unaware of.

do kittens have baby teeth?

Kittens are born with baby teeth just like puppies. The first set consist of 26 teeth which will erupt through the gum when the kitten is around three weeks old and you can see the teeth when the kitten is around 6 weeks old. When they are between three and four months old the kitten starts shedding its primary teeth and its permanent teeth instantly begin pushing through the gum behind them. When the kitten reaches six months of age, the permanent set of 30 teeth (including four molars) have replaced it’s baby teeth.

why do kittens purr?

Kittens start to purr when they are a few days old. This is probably a way to let their mother know that they’re ok. Purring helps a kitten bond with it’s mother.

Purring doesn’t always mean the kitten is happy. They purr to communicate needs and emotions to!
The kitten is happy: If your kitten looks relaxed, it’s safe to say he or she is in a happy place. Maybe relaxing in the sun or in your arms.
He or she is hungry: Sometimes kittens will purr when they are hungry (or when they know it’s mealtime). If you listen carefully, you will here that the purr is different from a “happy” purr!

Do kittens drink water?

When a kitten is old enough to leave it’s mother, it’s also old enough to drink water. Kittens are unable to tolerate dehydration well. They need water to function correctly, it helps to digest food and it keeps crystals from forming in the urine of the kitten. You should always have plenty of of fresh and clean drinking water nearby for your kitten.

do kittens drink milk?

Kittens need milk for the first few weeks of there life. The best milk comes from the mother of the kitten, but when you have an orphan kitten you can feed it goat’s milk. When a kitten is about 4 to 6 weeks old, it should change to water instead of milk.

You should not be giving the kitten cow’s milk as this is a cat myth.

do kittens sleep a lot?

Do kittens sleep a lotYou may think that kittens are little rascals with lots of energy, and while that is often true, they have another side to them. If you think cats sleep a lot, a kitten takes nappy time to another level. Kittens will sleep between 18 and 22 hours a day, while cats sleep between 13 and 18 hours! When a kitten wakes up it will probably be hungry, and will not hesitate alerting the other kittens that it should be feeding time. Kittens will sleep together to conserve body heat, and this looks adorable :)!

do kittens shed?

Kittens are born wrapped in fur. They will start shedding when they reach adult hood between 6 to 12 months and the adult coat will not be as short and fluffy. A kitten is born with fur to protect itself from the environment around him or her.

do kittens fart?

As for the sound that you know when thinking about a fart, you won’t here it with a kitten. You will however smell it. So kittens do fart! A little gas is normal but an excess of flatulence is not.

The diet of you kitten is almost always to blame. The filler found in (mostly cheap) cat food include ingredients such as corn, peas and beans. These fillers are hard to digest for your kitten.

do kittens eyes change color?

do kittens eyes change colorWhen your kitten is 7 to 10 days old, it will start to open it’s eyes. All kittens are born with blue eyes and will keep them till 6 to 7 weeks old. Around this age the color will change to it’s permanent color, so yes there eyes change color.

There is an exception: With some cat breeds, the color will never change like the Siamese.

do kittens need wet food?

A kittens weight will double or maybe even triple in the first weeks of it’s life and needs good nutrition to do so.
It doesn’t need wet food to grow, but it does have nutritional needs that are different than those of mature cats. Your kitten needs food that is made for kittens. Food labels for pets are required to identify the life stage for which the food is intended.

Your kitten doesn’t need wet food, but it does need food that is made pacifically for kittens.

do kittens need shots?

When your kitten is 8 weeks old, it should see the veterinarian to get multiple vaccinations. Your kitten needs shots for: rabies, upper respiratory infections and distemper. And if you kitten is going to be an outdoor cat, it should also receive the shot for the leukemia virus.

Always ask the vet what other shots your feline may need.

why do kittens bite?

When a kitten bites you, it’s not about aggression. It’s exploring his environment with his mouth. Most of the time the mother or his brother or sisters will teach them to stop this behavior.

Unlearn your kitten from biting: When your kitten bites you, immediately make a loud noise, stand up and walk away. Ignore him for at least 5 minutes. This way he will learn that biting leeds to loss of attention, and kittens love attention.
When he doesn’t bite you, praise him with a treat, and eventually he will learn not to bite you.

why do kittens meow?

There are a lot or reasons why your kitten might meow. Full grown cats are capable of making up to 19 different meow sounds. Here are a few:

  1. It doesn’t want to be alone: when kittens are left alone they may become anxious and start meowing.
  2. Angry: agitated kittens will erupt a screaming meow.
  3. Stressed: stressed kittens will become more vocal than normal. Remember the car ride to your house with the new kitten?
  4. It needs food: Everyone that has owned a cat will distinct the “I’m hungry” meow.
  5. Saying hi: When you come home, your cat or kitten will most of the time meow because it’s happy.
  6. It’s hurt: If your kitten meow excessively, you should probably take him to the veterinarian for a checkup. better safe than sorry!

why do kittens cry?

According to PetMD there are multiple reasons why your kitten may be crying:

  • Your Kitten Is Lonely
  • Your Kitten Is Lost or Confused
  • Your Kitten Is Hungry
  • Your Kitten Needs to Poop
  • Your Kitten Is in Pain
  • Your Kitten Is Sick

why do kittens sneeze?

Just like you, a kitten can catch a cold. Occasional sneezing is just their way of expelling irritants in the nasal passage much like humans. When your kitten sneezes frequently concerns should be raised, and you should take your kitten to the vet.