Facts about kittens

Kittens are very unique. There are many facts about kittens that a lot of people are unaware of. do kittens have baby teeth? Kittens are born with baby teeth just like puppies. The first set consist of 26 teeth which will erupt through the gum when the kitten is around three weeks old and you can […]

What do kittens eat?

Feeding a kitten is probably the most important thing to make sure your kitten grows into a healthy cat. But what do kittens eat? If you just got a kitten you want to ensure that it grows into a healthy adult. The first thing to consider is choosing the correct food for your kitten. (more…)

Introduce a kitten to another cat

When you are planning to introduce a kitten to your household, the first impression is really important. First impressions can help benefit the kitten, your current cat and yourself. (more…)

Myths and Facts About Cats

There are a lot or truths about cats that are more myth then real. Let’s break these cat myths down. (more…)

Creating a Kitten Safe Home

Are you thinking about adding a new kitten to your household? Kittens are social animals that spend most of there time playing and interacting with everything that moves. Cats can live up to 20 years to make your lives together amazing. (more…)

Why Kittens Are Awesome

We can assume some people don’t like cats, but I think it’s save to say that anybody can appreciate a kitten. What can you not like about a kitten? Owning a kitten will decrease your stress level drastically! Kittens are love. (more…)